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hi hi hi im getting rid of some old clothes for some money for my school dues! everything you see here is $8 (not including shipping and us only, sorry!). i also have more in my storenvy shop (sleepygalaxy, the prices are currently different for some items but i will change it). itd be great if you could signal boost or buy from me because as of right now all of my school stuff is well over $250 and my parents and i cant exactly pay for it at the moment.
if you can please help me out! id be willing to negotiate. message me here or email me at christinaatuan@gmail.com

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hi!! i’m moving away to college and i really need to get rid some of my stuff. i’m moving out of state and my parents are downsizing and also moving away so i have no where to contain a lot of clothes and items i have just laying around. i had a garage sale but it was kind of a bust so i put some stuff on storenvy. please look! i’m sorry for the bad quality pics on some of them, i promise you everything in the shop is perfect and in good condition! i have to get rid of EVERYTHING within the next 5 days, so i’m offering a deal: you can get 30% off with the code “collegesux” and after the purchase of your first item, i will personally email you the code for a second code that will allow you to get 40% off (in which you can use again and again and again until 9/5)


some stuff will be continuously added for a while until i have to shut down the site bc i can’t keep it running anymore.

please reblog and help me get this out there! thank you :’)